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BaseKamp Muesli Breakfast Cereal - Clearance

Muesli Breakfast Cereal With Cranberries and Apples
  • 880 CALORIES
  • 9 OUNCES

Our breakfast cereal is a very healthy and clean blend of 14 different grains. Loaded with important nutrients like Iron and Calcium. Topped with apples and cinnamon for a perfect match of flavor. This meal is designed to start your trip off with long lasting energy. Whole oats have an incredible amount of antioxidants and helpful plant compounds called polyphenols, these can help keep inflammation down on long hikes. Almost exclusively found in oats is a group of antioxidants called Avenanthramides. By Increasing the production of Nitric oxide can help lower blood pressure. This can lead to better blood flow.
 Proudly Made and Packaged in the USA

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