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ON SALE - Borderland Old-School Trapper Pack Frames

Style: Trapper - Original
Color: Dark Brown
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The Trapper- 2 Sizes to Choose From   (Ships up to 1 weeks from purchase - purchase separately to not affect shipping of other items) 

The Trapper-Original has identical dimensions to the classic antique pack frame so rare to find nowadays. Ideal size for deer, sheep, goat, antelope and similar-sized skulls.  

Also the perfect size for the cape-rolled mounts of such animals! Deer shed antlers, smaller furs (fox, bobcat, coyote) will look the best on this pack size as well.  

The Trapper-XL is ideally suited for the display of larger skulled animals such as elk, bison and similar sizes. Also ideal for full-body, rolled capes for “pack mounts” of mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and bear hides! Elk and moose shed displays will look the best on the XL as well. 

The added height and width tothe XL is unique only to us as we saw a need for a larger pack; otherwise, larger-skulled and caped animals will simply drown out and cover almost all of the original design and not allow much of the pack to be seen. Rather than seeing this look primarily for deer, the possibilities are now virtually endless in the types of displays possible with a few added inches to the height and width!


  • Hand-made construction & Quality
  • Constructed to display the animal upright with clearance out from the wall. 
  • Aged & antiqued components (grommets, eye bolts, screws, etc.)
  • Eye bolt attachment points along frame to secure your animal & accessories.
  • Hidden cable hanging system. You won’t find something too heavy to hang from it. (See photos- No connection point nor cable seen when on the wall)
  • Straps that are working and functional
  • Includes 15’ of jute rope to polish off the old look in tying to the frame.


  • Frame - Distressed American red cedar uprights, with steam-bent red oak cross members. 
  • Canvas Corset- Natural Cotton “Duck” canvas 
  • Canvas Color Weights: Tan- 15oz. |  Dark Olive- 15 oz. | Dark Brown- 18 oz. 
  • Grommets - Antiqued brass (aged ourselves to a preferred look)
  • Rope Lacing - 100% natural cotton, stained with coffee and ends dipped in wax to prevent fraying. 


      The Trapper - Original Specs

  • Peak arc of the frame: 4"-4.5” out from the wall for improved antler room. 
  • Frame Dimensions are 30" height x 14.5" width
  • Canvas dimensions (The size of “pallet” you are working with) 22"  x 14.5"
  • Pack Weight: 2.6 lbs.

      The Trapper - XL Specs

  • Peak arc of the frame: nearly 5” out from the wall for improved antler room. 
  • Frame Dimensions are 35.5" height x 16.5" width
  • Canvas dimensions (The size of “pallet” you are working with) 26" x 16.5"
  • Pack Weight: 3.6 lbs. 


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