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RakAdx Ambassador Program


RakAdx is on the hunt for Ambassadors! We are looking for passionate individuals that connect with our brand, as well as with the community around them.

What does an Ambassador do?

Ambassadors are diehard RakAdx fans. Our brand connects with their outdoor lifestyle. While enjoying their passions, ambassadors capture moments that showcase our brand on their social media accounts. They are role models within their local communities and hold themselves to a high standard of honesty and integrity.

What perks do I get? Based on qualifications you could get the following.

  • Free Auto Decal Package

  • Free or Discounted Club Membership

  • Free Shipping on All Personal Orders

  • Deep Discounts on All Personal Orders

  • Personalized Discount Code for Followers

  • RakAdx Ambassadors Facebook Group Membership

  • Share your insight when RakAdx is developing new products and designs.

  • Get featured on the RakAdx social media channels.

  • Work in the RakAdx booths at events near you. 

What are the requirements?

We’re looking for ambassadors that have more than 10,000 followers on at least one channel. If you don’t qualify we have a great program for you! Click here for more information

  • Must have a clean hunting record, no game violations or convictions.

  • Must have public Facebook and Instagram social media accounts with 10k followers or more.

  • Having an active YouTube channel is a big bonus for us but not required.

  • Follow RakAdx on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Promote, share, and contribute to our social media accounts.

  • Actively be posting on your own social media accounts.

  • Wear and showcase our apparel in your posts.

  • Limit the number of companies you tag to 3 or less.

  • Use our hashtags #rakadx, #raknation, #reptherak, #rakadxkillgear, #allraksmatter or #clubrakadx as frequently as possible and encourage your network to do the same.

  • Create and submit original content (photography, video, reviews) every month. Upload 2 photos per month or 24 photos per year into your provided cloud folder.

This is for me! How do I get started?

  • Complete and submit the form below.

  • Once received we will review your application.

As you can imagine, we receive a ton of applications. Understand that we review all applicants very carefully and as a result we take our time to make sure you are a great fit. Application review can take up to 30 days. We are excited to hear from you! Good luck.

RakAdx Ambassador Application

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Anything Else We Should Know?

Are you a current Ambassador for another company? If yes, include that information.