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All Raks Matter Reflective Arrow Wraps - Packs of 15

Color: Red
Width: 1.05" Wide (Standard)

4 items left

Never lose your arrow again! Just shine a light in its general direction to find it. Better yet the best part is the numbered wraps, keep track of your best shooting arrows by numbering them.

Application Instructions:
1. Clean arrow surface with isopropyl alcohol. Can clean surface of wrap as well to remove any surface dust and oils to make a better surface to wrap over itself.
2. Clean hands to remove oils from fingers. Remove paper backing and apply long edge first, making sure it’s straight. Apply in a rolling fashion.
3. After adhering your wrap to your arrow, apply heat with a hot hair dryer or clean open flame from a distance. Rub the entire wrap with force and even roll on an even surface to get a perfect seal. 
4. After applying heat to all wraps, you can put arrow in the freezer for several minutes to set the memory of the new wrap.
5. If you purchased clear vinyl Anti-Lifting Tape you can wrap the 2 ends or the light of the seam to give a for sure final guarantee your wrap will never lift. 
Why should I wrap my arrows?
Answer: Helps provide a better surface to adhere your fletching too. Accepts adhesives better than carbon alone. 
Does wrapping my arrow affect my arrow spine?
Answer: Not likely even at roughly 15 grains its not enough weight to affect your spine stiffness. 
  • Engineer Grade Highly Reflective 6mil w/ UV Lamination
  • 5" Tall  on all sizes. Available in Widths of 0.80", 1.05", 1.25" and Custom Width. Sorry no custom length available
  • Roughly 15 Grains Per Wrap. Perfect for those shooting heavier setups
  • Assorted Colors Available Including Custom Colors
  • Custom Available - Purchase Custom then email us your order number and the color, width and length that you want to use. Send us the color and we will use our color picker to choose the color.  Only those 3 options can be customized.
  • 15 Total Wraps - 12 Individually Numbered Wraps and 3 w/o Numbers