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Minimal Snacks Air Dried Beef Jerky

Packs: Single

 Unlike traditional beef jerky which is dehydrated in an oven, MNML Air Dried Beef is  aged at lower temperatures for 2 weeks, giving our beef a deep, umami beef flavor (like a cross between jerky and prosciutto) without any preservatives.

 It's absolutely delicious, and has been described by athletes and foodies as "high-end charcuterie in beef jerky form" and "the best damn jerky I've ever had".

With 23g protein and 0g sugar in a 195 calorie package, MNML Air Dried Beef aims to be the most nutritionally dense snack you'll find on the market.

These macros make it ideal as a meal semi-replacement that gives you full confidence in what you're putting into your body.


    • 100% whole-muscle beef steak - not that ambiguous minced stuff they use in traditional jerky. 
    •  Red wine vinegar - derived from red wine, our vinegar tastes mild and boasts a number of antioxidants. Plus, the acidity from the vinegar allows us to make our beef food-safe and long-lasting, without any synthetic preservatives.
    •  Shiitake extract - beyond good nutrients, dried shiitake allows us to deepen the flavor of the beef with a savory, umami richness, without coming across too mushroom-y. Shiitakes are also known for their cognitive and physiological health benefits. 
    •  Salt - for taste, and to keep the beef food-safe without any synthetic preservatives.