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Original BCAA 2:1:1

Flavor: Blue Pineapple

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Train harder, break through plateaus, and recover faster with our Original BCAA. Our Branched Chain Amino Acids won’t make you a superman-- but they’ll help you goeven harder during your workouts without getting nearly as fatigued or sore days after. 

Accelerate Muscle Recovery
The Original BCAAs have been clinically shown to help slow muscle protein breakdown and reduce damage so you can recover faster from your workouts.*

Fuel Muscle Growth

The BCAA leucine is responsible to help ramp up muscle protein synthesis, which helps build lean muscle mass.*

Increase Muscular Endurance
On top of that, BCAAs can even help delay muscle fatigue. So you can keep pushing when you reach the max-out point of your workout for bigger gainz.*
Whatever your goals are -- building lean muscle, fat loss when combined with exercise, or athletic mastery -- TheOriginal BCAA 2:1:1 formula is the ultimate key to unlocking your goals.*

2:1:1 Ratio -- Plant Based -- Zero Sugar -- Keto Friendly -- Zero Calorie -- GMP Certified


Blue Pineapple

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